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The parish of St Andrew, which is situated towards the southern part of the island, is the only parish in the island that is not at any part bounded by the sea; on the east, it is bounded by St. Saviour parish; on the west, by the town of St Peter Port; on the north, by the Vale.

Formerly known as St Andre de la Pommeraye the church dates to the 12th century with later additions including enlargement of the main building during the 15th century.

There is a spring nearby, La Fontaine de St Clair which is reputed to have curative powers.

This Chapel is accessed by a private road and is dedicated to Christ asrnthe Great Healer.  It was dedicatedrnon May 9th 1957 and is maintained by members of the Fellowship of Christ the Healer.  Mary Eily dernPutron created the stained glass windows

Abreuvoirs are places for cattle to drink and are a characteristic and attractive feature of the Guernsey landscape. Over 140 granite ones were built between about 1870 and 1920, though a few may be much older. Those built by the parish often display the names of the Constables and some of the Douzeniers (the elected officials of the parish)